Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Free advice. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. But at least it is cheap, right? Sometimes I find myself looking up the same things over and over. I learned it once (or more), but not recently enough to remember. Even if no one else ever looks at this site, it will be a resource for myself.

But that isn't the only reason I created it. I try to choose my actions with a purpose. My decisions often have reasoning behind them. Of course I think I'm right, and I also realize that I may not have the only right answer, but when I discover a tip or trick that makes my life easier, I can't help thinking it could help out someone else too. So, since I glean so much from other people, I want to contribute to the amount of useful information available in hopes that it will help someone else out.

I feel that I have learned a lot by reading the blogs of others out there. I love getting great recipes and homemaking tips, but I have also read some really insightful posts about other topics. This blog is my chance to get my voice out to the world, and hopefully touch people in the same manner in which I have been touched.

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