Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Traditions

This year I wanted to start some Christ centered Easter traditions. I found lots of great stuff online, but I wanted my own variation that would be personalized and adapted for our family. So I've kind of combined various ideas into something that works for us.


First I went through the last week of the Savior's life. I took seven little sheets of paper and wrote down all the significant events for each day. I figured I could do something each day that corresponded with the day in the Savior's time.

I soon found that things are not spread out evenly at all. I also had an eight day week. So I only loosely followed the day by day plan and combined some events to make things more interesting. My list isn't comprehensive by any means, I intend for this to develop and get refined over the years. I just wanted to get an early start. Here is how I decided to divide it up:

Day 1: Triumphal Entry, Cleansing of Temple
Scriptures: Matt. 21: 1-11; 12-16eather/whip

Day 2:  Teaching of 2nd Coming, Parables, widows mite, Women Anoint Feet
Scriptures: JST Matthew 1; Matt. 21: 28-Matt 25; Mark 12: 41-44; Matt 26:6-13;John 12:1-8

Day 3: Last Supper, Sacrament, Washing Disciples Feet
Scriptures: Luke 22:7-38; John 13:2-17

Day 4: Gethsemane
Scriptures: Isaiah 1:18, 53, Alma 7:11, Matt 26: 36-46; Mark: 14:32-42; Luke 22:40-46

Day 5: Betrayal, Arrest, trial, Crucifixion
Scriptures: Matt 26:47-27:49; Mark 14:43-15:41; Luke 22:47-; John 18:2-19:37
Day 6: Body stays in tomb, Spirit world, darkness
Scriptures: Matt 27:52-66; John 19:38-42; D&C 138:11-24

Day 7: Resurrection
Scriptures: Matt 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21


Critter doesn't know that egg hunts are a common thing to do around this time of year, but he loves Easter eggs. He likes to hold them, chase them, stir them with a whisk, shake them, try to eat them. He even fell asleep holding one yesterday.

I had seen a lot of variations on Resurrection Eggs (Easter eggs with symbolic objects instead of candy). Since Critter is still little, I kept things simple. He can learn about the symbols in the future and I will probably find better things to put in later. This year I made a little origami cup for the Last Supper, but I hope to replace it with something better in the future. I may also split some things into multiple eggs. Next year Critter will be excited to open lots of eggs, but for now one per day is fine.

I also printed out instructions for Resurrection cookies  and I am super excited to try them out.

On Sunday we are planning to have a big dinner and hope to include some of the elements and symbols found in the passover meal. I have discovered how easy it is to make unleavened bread and we will be eating a lot more of it from now on, even if my version isn't exactly kosher.


I love to read the scriptures, but it is a lot easier to watch a video. I think videos do a better job of bring in multiple senses as well. So on the daily slips of paper, I include events, scriptures, pictures, and a list of appropriate videos for the day.

Here are all the videos in order. I got them from all the videos there are free and available to anyone. The length and depth is perfect for my needs this season, and I will probably do something similar at Christmas time. You can go to the source or enjoy watching them here! (Our family will be watching from here for convenience sake).




What kind of traditions do you have (or want to have) to celebrate Easter?

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