Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Wearing Saved My Sanity

A year ago my baby was a little over a month. I felt like I was finally able to discern some of his needs and wants and knew how to help him to be happy. It was quite simple actually.

He wanted to be held. Constantly.

He wanted to be held while he ate. He wanted to be held while he was awake. He wanted to be held while he was asleep. He wanted to be held while his diapers were changed (that one didn't happen).

The problem was, I also have needs and wants. For some reason I had this idea that suddenly when I was able to stay at home all day I could be a perfect wife and mother. I would have all this time to clean the house, cook dinner, make bread, write blog posts, and occasionally take a shower. Problem was, most of these tasks couldn't be done while holding a baby. So I spent a lot of time online researching and writing with one arm while the other cradled my cute little Critter. Sometimes I would just let him cry so I could do some luxurious task like using the bathroom alone. Thankfully, I found a great solution to my problems!

Enter The Moby Wrap

Our apartment was pretty cramped, and while I knew our baby loved to be held, I wasn't certain a swing or a bouncer would work for him, plus it would take up space. I looked around and found a lot of people really liked Moby wraps, especially for newborns. It was clear it took a little bit of practice to put it on, but I was willing to spend thirty seconds at the beginning the day to get wrapped up so I could be more productive the rest of the day.

I found that they usually cost about $50 new! Yikes, that is a lot for 5 straight yards of fabric. But I don't have a sewing machine and was afraid that if I tried to make something myself I could potentially mess up and end up making it unsafe. I was convinced that the professionally surged fabric would somehow be superior to what I could come up with on my own. But I still wouldn't pay that much, so I searched on (like craigslist) and found one for $25. A lady had got it as a baby shower present and wouldn't be using it. It was worth every penny.

Suddenly I could get things done! My baby was able to snuggle up close and comfortable, and I didn't have to wear out my arms and hands holding him! I could finally accomplish things I hadn't been able to do in a month without waiting for my husband to get home or leaving Critter to cry because I didn't have the skills to lay him down when he was asleep without him waking up immedaitly after. I felt like I had super powers!

  • I could smoothly and easily vacuum the floor
  • I could clean the house
  • I could do dishes
  • I could let him eat while I prepared dinner for my husband and I
  • We could go on a walk while he discreetly nursed
  • He would sleep longer because he felt safe and secure when he would wake up between sleep cycles and he would go write back to sleep
  • I didn't need to have a whole carseat filling up the shopping cart at the store
Since my initial purchase, I continue to use my wrap and enjoy it. He is more wiggly now, but it comes in handy often. I still wear him to vacuum because he likes to chase the vacuum around. If I'm at a place where a normal nap on his own isn't reasonable, it can be easier to do the baby dance without making my arms want to fall off. When we took a train to California for Christmas, I wore my Moby the whole way. It was easy to slip him in and out and I felt much more secure when we would take naps. Last week he was having a hard day with lots of new people and teeth trying to come in. Mommy cuddles were the only cure, and I was glad to still have some hands free while he got his cuddles. I also like keeping him warm and close if I want to walk outside in the winter.

He still likes to eat in the Moby. This is him sharing celery with me.

Other Options


As much as I love my Moby, it has a few disadvantages. It is 5 or 6 yards long, and while it compacts pretty well into a convenient carrying bag, it can get pretty warm, especially in the summer. It is great to put on at the beginning of the day then take baby in and out throughout the day, but it is a hassle to take on and off. It is really a pain to try to put it on in a parking lot, especially if it is dirty outside.

I came across a simple pattern for a no sew carrier.  The pattern was so simple, and so genius I couldn't help but go out and spend $6 (could have spent less) on the supplies and come home and take less than 10 minutes to make it!

Me taking a picture in the mirror while wearing a baby in my new wrap!

 I got my instructions here.All I had to do was go to the thrift store and get 3 mens shirts, cut them off at the armpit and assemble the loops strategically and voila! Instant baby carrier. Kind of fun because I get to choose 3 colors (the one you can't see is also tie dye.) It is super simple to make, to put on and I like how light weight it is.

Now that I've made it, I wish I had chosen slightly smaller shirts to cut up because I'm used to how snug the Moby is and this feels a bit loose. But I can probably figure out a way to make it snugger, and it may fit other people better. I still like the versatility and adjustability of the Moby, but I love the simplicity and price here, and it would be easy to make multiple sets for different sizes of baby or care giver. Besides, I feel pretty awesome knowing that I made it myself!

Have you ever worn a baby before? What type of carrier do you like? Would you ever make your own?

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