Monday, May 5, 2014

A Frozen Foot Zone

I finally watched Disney's Frozen last weekend. Two weekends ago I was busy giving lots of foot zones and teaching classes about it (and I met some awesome people in the process!). So naturally in my mind I decided to combine the two. I couldn't help thinking how the story of Frozen would have been different if Elsa had received a foot zone early on in life (spoiler alert: I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last people to get around to watching Frozen, but if you haven't and someone else hasn't already spoiled the movie for you, keep reading and I will)

Young Elsa


The first thing we have to look at is what Elsa was like before her traumatic experience. She was happy, loving, and carefree. She loved her family and loved her sister especially. She liked to play and hadn't learned to be afraid. She saw her power as something to be used for fun, not dangerous. This happy girl disappears for almost the entire movie and is replaced with a woman that lets fear run her life and control everything she does. She locks herself in her room, always wears gloves and never socializes. The few people that are still in her life either know what is going on and encourage her to stifle her true self. To "conceal, don't feel, don't let it show". Or they don't know what is going on and wonder why she has so many issues.

If the king and queen of Arendelle had invited someone (like me!) to come in and give Elsa a foot zone problems could have been detected and crisis averted! Of course it wouldn't have made as exciting of a movie, but they could have been enjoying happily ever after much sooner. Elsa and Anna learned and grew a lot through their adventure, but they still missed out on enjoying most of their child hood together and avoided some nasty fights. Elsa would have been able to deal with her problems instead of creating a giant snow monster to throw her sister off a cliff.
Marshmallow Disney


Emotional Baggage


 Other than her tendency to turn things to ice and snow, physically Elsa seems to be doing just fine. But emotionally she is a huge wreck. In real life, her physical self probably would have had more issues as well due to the intensity of her internal turmoil. Eventually the storm within becomes so intense it freezes the fjords and Arendelle is stuck in winter in the middle of summer. Suddenly the problem is no longer just "her" problem, but is effecting everyone. Even Kristoff, who has never met Elsa, suffers because his business selling ice isn't able to thrive as it should be.

Anna is probably effected the most. She was already pretty traumatized by her sister shutting her out for years. Since she hasn't had good examples of healthy relationships, and probably struggles quite a bit at loving herself, she gets engaged to the first guy she meets. Then when Elsa snaps, Anna blames herself. Anna doesn't understand that she can't control anyone but herself, and instantly blames herself for problems that are totally out of her control. Not that trying to help her sister is a bad thing, or a bad idea, but it is incorrect for her to think that Elsa's lack of self control is Anna's fault. For Anna's sake, I would have liked her to be busy getting a foot zone instead of wandering around meeting Hans. It could have spared her some grief, although she certainly seemed to learn from her experience.

When Elsa decides to finally "let it go" she experiences all sorts of relief! She stops trying to hide who she is and what she can do and decides to accept and create some awesome stuff. I think she is finally able to see some of her potential. But she still can't let go of her fear. Especially her fear of hurting those around her.

Elsa spent her whole life trying to cover up who she was. Let's think about the logic of this for a moment. If I have something nasty and undesirable-maybe some leftovers that have been hiding in the back of the fridge since last century. Since the stink is so bad, I may wrap the container up in a papertowel to cover it. Maybe put some baking soda in there. Maybe I could put it outside and put some dirt over it to cover it up. The moldy nastiness may be hidden from view, but the lump I've created on my lawn is pretty obvious. So I decide to cover it some more. Now I have a bigger mound. The more I try to cover, the bigger the mound will be. Burying or stuffing things won't help either (look into what happens if you build your house over an old graveyard or landfill if you don't believe me).

So, if Elsa got a foot zone, she could have recognized and dealt with problems instead of waiting to explode. The emotional balance that could have been hers would have changed her childhood, coronation, dealing with her parent's death and so many other things. She could have learned to replace her fear with positive emotions that would have helped her to control and enjoy her powers. I can imagine the intensity of the solar plexus point with her! It would probably involve a big ice puddle on the floor under the practitioners elbow.


Blessing Or Curse?

As someone watching the movie, it is obvious that Elsa's powers are awesome! She doesn't even have to work hard to create an amazing castle, living snowman, beautiful clothes, and more. Unfortunately for her she thought her powers were a curse. When she was little it was "magic" and fun. But after one incident that demonstrated the potential of her power for bad, she was taught to fear her curse.

When the family first goes to the trolls, they ask if she was born with the powers or cursed. Her parents say she was born with it, yet later Elsa calls it her "curse". She was born with a powerful gift, yet she sees it as abnormal, strange, dangerous, and something that should be feared. Others treatment just solidifies her feelings when they say she is using some wicked sorcery or witchcraft.

But obviously her perspective plays a big role, because as long as she sees herself as a cursed being with dangerous powers, she tries to hide and people dislike and fear her. At the beginning and end before and after she has dealt with all her emotional baggage, she is happy and has fun. She is loved and appreciated by those around her because they enjoy the unique things she can offer.

Lucky for Elsa that she was able to learn to control and utilize her powers for good. But if she had received a foot zone as a child, the practitioner could have given her tools and exercises to help change her perception. Regular foot zones would have helped the energy flow along meridians and other energy pathways and she probably could have done even more amazing things with her powers.

Foot Zones For "Ordinary" People


As far as I know, I haven't had the chance to give a foot zone to anyone with super ice, snow and winter powers. I can only speculate that a person with substantial, tangible power would be able to see substantial, tangible results after a foot zone. But I know I've worked with many people who would consider themselves "ordinary" if compared to a magical Disney princess. But these supposedly ordinary people have still experienced great results physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Even in my own life I've seen tremendous growth and understanding as I learn true principles that help me to recognize and work with my strengths and weaknesses. I've learned so much that I'm going to become an official instructor so I can share this with many more people, but for today, we can see how much this blog post can do.

What do you think would be the results of foot or other treatment on a magical Disney princess? Have you ever had a foot zone? Would you like to receive a foot zone or learn more about it? Check out my website at and of course


  1. I guess I should speak to this since I got a foot zone and am a Disney princess with powers. :) No, but really I think a lot of us have great powers that feel like a curse until we get our angst worked out. You gave me a foot zone about 10 days ago and I really think it helped me to "let it go." My burden feels lighter. Its hard to put the feelings into words, I don't understand how it all works, but I feel less inward turmoil and more connection and power in the world around me. Thanks!

    1. Cindy, you will probably never be a Disney princess, but you don't have to be born in a castle or have a movie made about your life to be a princess. :) And you don't have to be able to turn things to ice to have great powers. I'm glad you are having such great results after your foot zone! One of the great things about foot zones and other related things is that we don't have to understand how or why it works to appreciate the results! You are an awesome and amazing person, and I'm grateful that I've been able to play a part in helping you along your path to awesomeness!

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