Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats and Handwashing 2013: Day 2

For this weeks Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I have a variety of diapers and other tools I'm using. The diapers are ones I already use full time.
  • 21 osocozy flats (we keep 3 in emergency storage) = less than $60
  • 3 Walmart flour sack towels = less than $5
  • 1 bamboo terry flat = about $13
  • 4 covers = less than $40 
  • 20 wipes = about $20
  • Snappis = less than $5
Diaper & wipe total: less than $145
This is my stash. In case you were wondering, that is a BUM-ble bee on top. Tee-hee.

The bamboo flat is new, but I've been using everything else for quite some time. Most of the flats were used for the challenge last year too. We have a handful of prefolds we often incorporate, especially for nights.

I could get by with less if I wanted, but it is pretty awesome to realize that ALL my diapers from birth to potty training (and we can use them again on the next kid) cost just over $100. And I use the diapers and wipes as burp cloths, snot rags, nursing covers and whatever else is convenient at the time!

If I had sewing skills or really wanted to save more, I could easily save more money, but I think this is still a pretty good deal! My son is over 14 months old now, and we have only spent a little over $100 on diapers (I often found better deals than the prices listed above) and about $26 on wipes (I keep some dollar store disposable wipes on hand for traveling).

Usually I use a wetbag as well, but this week I'm just tossing stuff directly in the tub. There are also a few other items I'm using for hand washing that I use more than just this week, or for more than diaper purposes. You can see some pictures of them in action in yesterday's post.
  • A super awesome showerhead that doubles as a diaper sprayer
  • Mini plastic washboard = about $7
  • Small green pail = $3
  • Froggy Potty for conserving diapers a few times a day (and when we are lucky, making #2 easier to clean up)
  • Clothes drying rack
  • spray bottle with water + Essential Oils
  • Country Save detergent
Even with splurges like a nice cover (I have the "Hoot" pattern), or a bamboo flat, I still feel like we are saving a lot of money compared to disposable diapers, plus I love that I don't need to ever go to the store to get diapers.

Airplane fold (just learned it on facebook) for our night time diaper!

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