Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flats & Handwashing 2013: Baby vs. Toddler

I enjoyed doing the Flats and Handwashing Challenge last year too. Of course the experience was very similar in a lot of ways, but there are a lot of differences too. There were some differences in our overall situation too. We lived at a different place last year, and we have a cooler showerhead this year.


Of course, there are plenty of obvious differences in babies and toddlers. I was just getting used to  taking care of a baby and the whole diaper thing last year and this year I know what I'm doing. Here are the highlights of last year:

  • Little babies are squirmy, but not as wiggly as a toddler
  • Flats are still trim, but bulkier on a little baby
  • Lots of diaper changes
  • I could usually just fold the flat in quarters and wrap it around
  • Breastfed poop is water soluable
    • Don't need to pre rinse
    • Lots more (and messier) poop to deal with



I mentioned yesterday how Critter likes to "help" more this year. It is nice I can have him entertained nearby, but sometimes not so convenient. Here are other high lights.

  • Less diaper changes! 
    • More potty time
    • Less frequency, more in the diapers
  • Wiggly baby, but at least he is used to it. Sometimes he is half way across the room by the time the diaper is folded.
  • I'm using different folds, ones with wings seem to work best
  • Poop goes in the toilet now - hopefully his toilet :)
Either way, we are still enjoying the flats, and it is fun to see baby playing with the flats too :)

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  1. Those pictures of him playing with the diaper is so cute!!!

    1. Thanks! That is another thing I love about cloth diapers. They make great toys!


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