Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flats and Handwashing 2013: What Did I Learn?

Even though I already use flats all the time and did this event last year, I still learned from it. The Flats and Handwashing Challenge has been a great experience and I'm glad I participated.

I learned (in no particular order):
  •  that I can do hard things
  • to be grateful for the resources I have
  • that while it really isn't that difficult to hand wash diapers, it can still be one more thing that is just too much. Many times this week, my diapers have been clean but my house has not.
  • that children deserve clean diapers, and there are plenty of alternatives to what is considered "the norm"
  • I would rather use cloth diapers and hand wash than use disposables
  • that I have a great deal of respect for moms and caretakers that do this full time
  • I am extremely grateful for a supportive and helpful husband
  • to appreciate my own parents more. Caring of children is hard work, regardless of the resources you do or don't have available.
  • washing by hand is quicker than a machine
  • drying in the house is a lot slower than a macine
  • planning ahead and staying on top of things makes everything much easier
  • the simplicity of going back to basics can be refreshing, even if it is also challenging
  • I am most effective when I'm rotating through about a dozen diapers
  • I'm grateful to have spare diapers available when I get behind on washing or want to take a trip or a day off
  • I'm grateful for the "splurges" I have of a bamboo flat and nice covers (although the covers were more important last year)
I'm taking a day of rest from washing my diapers, so here is the pile I get to tackle tomorrow.
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