Friday, May 24, 2013

Flats & Handwashing Day 5: How Goes It?

Today, for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper laundry, I get to write about what is working and what isn't. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, there are certainly things I would change if I were doing this long term, but overall, I think things are going well. It takes some time, but that is OK. In fact, this week it has been good because then my baby can breath in the steam to help his congestion.

Rinsing in the tub (free toys included with toddler help!)

What Works?


Rinsing in the tub is working well. Our shower head is up for the task and makes things simple. Putting a little soap in the all-purpose plastic can seems to work all right as well. Really, the whole routine is working out pretty well. Everything works really well when my husband is home and can help out, even if it just means holding the shower head, wringing out diapers or entertaining Critter.

Flats work great for us. I love the simplicity and versatility and that they are so easy to clean and dry. We already do flats almost full time, and  after this week I'm contemplating using prefolds even more sparingly. Even in the washing machine, these clean so much better.

What Isn't Working?

Having Critter in the tub is both good and bad (he doesn't get to help in the soapy parts). It is easy to keep track of him and I don't need to wait for nap time. But he is getting to that helping stage. It is cute when he grabs diapers and hands them to me. It is fun when he wants to hold the diapers out to get rinsed. It is only a little inconvenient when he tosses the diapers over the edge of the tub or his toys into the soapy cleaning water. While I wring out the diapers, he does his own version - sucking the water out. I guess that helps me to have incentive to have them really clean. It is also kind of gross when he pees or poops in the tub while I'm cleaning (like this morning, after I finished the final rinse).

Drying has been my main dillema. It is easy enough to hang everything on the drying rack or over the shower. But if I forget to take out the dry diapers, they get steam cleaned, which means they aren't hard and crinkly, but they may be a little damp. Also, drying in the bathroom isn't as effective as other places, like outside on a sunny day (not a viable option for us).

I love, love, love, love, love my bamboo terry flat for night time or any other time I want a absorbent diaper for a long time. It is super, duper absorbent and I feel like I am putting a soft towel onto his bum.  BUT, that means it is harder to dry. I washed it yesterday morning, but between not wringing it out as well as I should and "steam cleaning" it as I washed diapers before bed, it wasn't dry enough for bed time.

Walking around in a flat (with daddy's help)


Enough things are working well, and the downsides really are minor. I think this is a great option for travel or emergency. I would even do this for reasons other than necessity (like this week). If I had a friend that couldn't afford diapers or laundry, I would do this for moral support if they needed it. Of course, if they lived close, I would probably also offer the use of my washer and dryer. :) Taking 30 minutes out of my day isn't a huge deal most the time, but if I were sick, afflicted or otherwise not up for it, I could see it being one thing too many. I'm grateful for my washer and dryer, but also grateful to know what to do without them!

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