Thursday, May 23, 2013

Handwashing (Flats Challenge 2013, day 4)

Handwashing diapers is definitely the biggest change to my normal routine since I already use flats. Like I said yesterday, the simplicity and back to basics approach is kind of a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the world. Even so, I think I would make some changes if I were to do this long term instead of just for a week.

My Current Routine

Currently, I toss the diapers in the bath tub after they have been used. If it is poopy, I rinse it as soon as possible (into the toilet first!). I do a wash in the morning and one at night. The main reason I split it in two is so that I can have my night time diaper ready by the next night. This morning I washed 3 diapers and last night I washed 4.

I rinse in the bathtub, then wash with soap and a washboard in my all-purpose bucket. Then I rinse again in the tub and hang to dry. 

I also try to set Critter on the potty often. At this point, it is more of diaper conservation than potty training. But after doing this for about a month, I think he has come to expect it and he would rather poop and pee in the potty than be in a wet or poopy diaper! It is easier than I anticipated.

Changes I Would Make

I would definitely be using this more if I hand washed full time...

For starters, we don't pay utilities in the place we are currently renting. So I don't worry about using lots of water to rinse (and I know our washer does, so I'm making up for it!) Critter has been a bit congested lately so this morning he got to hang out in a steamy tub for a long time while I washed diapers and then just kept the water running to get more steam in him. 

If we were more concerned about water conservation, I would probably reuse bath water, wash while I showered or at least keep the water in an enclosed space instead of continuously draining. 

My little washboard is perfect for washing one diaper at a time and for travel, but if I were doing this more than a week, I would certainly find another method. Although it still doesn't take too long to wash each diaper and wipe individually.

Lastly, keeping a drying rack in the bathroom is not all that great. I would probably find a way to dry outside or something else.

All in all, handwashing diapers isn't all that bad. If you have kids, you deal with all sorts of icky stuff, and I don't really have to touch it unless it is really bad  (and would have been all over the house anyways). Besides, it is an awfully handy skill to have on hand for all sorts of occasions.

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